I was ordained as a non-stipendiary priest in the Church in Wales in 2002; I was also a lawyer until I retired in 2007.   I’m attached to a local two-church parish, which means I help the vicar with Sunday services and other things such as funerals and occasional baptisms, etc.  I’m also very much involved with a local street pastoring scheme* and spend many Saturday nights out on the streets until 3 a.m. or later.

I love being a priest and would have liked to have been ordained many years ago – but God moves in very mysterious and surprising ways!

Since May 2012 I’ve technically been retired, but I have the Bishop’s licence to officiate and I’m still doing more or less what I was doing before.

My name is Coralie Steel and I’m also on Twitter and Facebook.

*(see http://www.carmarthennightlight.org.uk)

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