Armageddon and Caesarea – 3rd March 2012


On our final day we visited Megiddo and Caesarea.  Megiddo is on a hill overlooking the Jezreel Valley, where countless battles have been fought, and Armageddon (which means the Mountain of Megiddo) has become the symbol for the battle to end all wars (Revelation 16:16).


















From there we drove to Caesarea, where we saw the Mediterranean for the first time since our arrival.  It looked wonderful, on a sunny but windy day, with waves crashing on the shore.



















Although not much is left of it now, Caesarea was once a glorious place, founded by Herod the Great and renowned for the splendour of its buildings.  It was the capital of Palestine for 600 years.

These days, it has quite a colony of cats.


























After an excellent lunch in Caesarea we set off for Tel Aviv airport and it began to rain.  In fact it poured.  This is what the rain looked like pouring through the ceiling in the airport.




2 responses to “Armageddon and Caesarea – 3rd March 2012

  1. Hi Kaie

    It’s supposed to happen – the glass roof is designed to let in the rain and there’s a pool underneath for it to fall into. Very dramatic when it’s raining really heavily!

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