The Western Wall – 28th February 2012

We spent Tuesday (28th February) visiting the City of David, the Western Wall and the Israel Museum.  The City of David is the oldest part of Jerusalem, into which the Ark of the Covenant was brought by King David, so making Jerusalem the capital city for the twelve tribes of Israel.  [2 Samuel 6]  It’s now an archaeological site and we explored the Canaanite Tunnel, part of the ancient water system linked to the Gihon spring.  The tunnel is very narrow.

From there we went to the Western Wall, which was much quieter than it had been on Friday evening.  After our guide had given us his talk I was able to go into the women’s section (women and men are separated by a shoulder-high barrier) and take photos inside and outside the barriers.

The Israel Museum houses the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition as well as many other wonderful things you’re not allowed to photograph.  Outside is the model of Second-Temple Jerusalem, which gives you an idea of what Jerusalem might have looked like at the time of Jesus.  The photos show the Temple towering above the City of David, the Holy of Holies and a bit of modern artwork for light relief!























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