Carmarthen NightLight

Carmarthen NightLight on patrol









Our street support scheme has now joined Facebook – search against ‘Carmarthen NightLight’ and you should find us.


All quiet in Hall Street


2 responses to “Carmarthen NightLight

  1. Hi Helene – I see you’ve discovered my (very boring) blog! I haven’t done much with it over the summer – too much time spent out on the streets with NightLight and organising rotas, I think.

    It was quite a dramatic Saturday night this week, wasn’t it? It’s good to know that one of the casualties was OK; we’ll have to keep praying for the other one.

    God bless


  2. NightLights was fab. Got serenaded twice, by lads wanting flip flops. Watched rather anxiously, as a girl used a fag to burn her tights so she could put hers on! Also called 999 as girl had hit head by pulling scaffolding down on herself. All that, I was only out for 1 shift Back out doing what I love – helping people!!

    God bless

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