Pigeon post prandial

It looks like this summer is going to be busier than I’d anticipated.  I shall have to spend some of it doing preliminary research for a semi-dissertation I’ve got to write during the next academic year.  Dissertations have become de rigeur for degrees, these days, and if I’m to avoid doing a full-blown dissertation in the final year of my Theology degree I shall have to do an Independent Project instead, which will be half the length of a dissertation and the equivalent of one module.

Oh, well – probably best to get it out of the way now.  I’m not keen on doing open-ended research projects; I prefer taught modules with essay deadlines or exams so that they don’t encroach too much on the other things I do with my time.

While waiting to hear from my lecturers with their verdict on my idea for the project I’ve been lounging around in the garden, enjoying the glorious June weather (which has now come to an end).  I came out of the house this evening to top up the bird feeder and found someone else lounging around – see below.  I suspect he or she had decided to have a post-prandial nap following a good supper picking up the bits the sparrows and goldfinches keep dropping on the ground.


Sleepy wood pigeon



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