I woz here

For the past two weeks (to the day) I have been suffering from a lurgy (cough,  cold, sore throat, lack of ‘hwyl’, etc.) and haven’t felt much like doing anything at all.  Since Monday I’ve been on antibiotics, which I usually avoid like the plague, but they do seem to be making a difference and the world is looking a rosier place, especially now the sun has come out and the depressing gloom and drizzle of the last few days has gone away.

As one does in these situations, I spent some time reflecting on the past, present and future.  The present didn’t do very much for me, filled with violence as it is, so I stopped listening to the first fifteen minutes of the News.  Then I started wondering why I began to write a Blog and whether I should stop bothering.  After all, I’m no great theologian; I don’t have anything very profound to add to the wisdom of the world; and I’m getting a bit long in the tooth to be doing this sort of thing.  Trendy I am not!

I came to the conclusion that it’s simply a wish to share things with friends.  Most of my really close friends are at least 100 miles away, circumstances having brought me back to Wales from London and cut me off from a lot of the things I enjoyed most (theatres, concerts, singing).  Other things have taken their place, but the old friends of my youth are still there and we still have shared memories despite our lives having taken very different courses.   Those separate lives are making it more difficult for us to meet physically, these days, so I like to keep in touch by sharing things with people I think may be interested.  The great thing about a blog is that, if you aren’t interested, you needn’t bother to read it!

For instance, I think there is at least one friend out there who will share my sorrow at the sad demise of my lovely yellow phormium, killed by the two severe bouts of cold weather last year.  Here are the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, and, for the record, a photo of what it looked like in its prime.

Phormium - January 2010

Phormium - March 2011

Phormium Tenax 'Yellow Wave'


4 responses to “I woz here

  1. Oh dear, that is one very sad phormium!
    My phormiums (phormia?) survived the winter, but every single Madeira geranium perished, even the ones I was coddling in the greenhouse. However, just as I was dumping the contents of the pots on the compost heap the other day, I spotted a tiny seedling, so all is not entirely lost – I shall just have to wait two years for it to flower!
    Did I send you those Welsh poppy seeds, by the way? I looked them out, I know, but I can’t actually remember putting them in the post.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your geraniums, but glad to hear there is a survivor. I think there may still be a spark of life in my phormium, as well; two tiny green leaves are coming up, but until they get bigger I can’t tell whether they belong to the phormium or something else that’s seeded itself. Fingers crossed! It was wrapped in fleece, so it’s possible the cold didn’t get right down to the heart of it.
      No Welsh poppy seeds have arrived yet – maybe they’re still lurking somewhere in Cornwall?

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