United Christians

This week is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, so it was wonderfully appropriate that our first street support team went out last Saturday night.  The street and prayer teams contained a mixture of Roman Catholics, Anglicans and people from our local evangelical churches, and our 21 volunteers come from eight different churches and six different denominations, including the Wesley Methodist church and the Salvation Army.  We were able to celebrate the event during an ecumenical service on Sunday afternoon when the volunteers were commissioned and warmly supported and encouraged by everyone present.

Christian unity is, I fear, still a very long way off, but despite the apparently insurmountable differences currently existing between our various denominations it is heartening that ordinary Christians can work together to achieve something worthwhile in the name of Christ.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m supposed to be revising for an exam and writing a sermon.  Instead of doing that, last night I went to our (new) local multiplex to see a live relay from Covent Garden and tonight I went again to see Colin Firth’s brilliant performance in ‘The King’s Speech’.  We loved the film – in fact, we were disappointed when it came to an end.  I do hope he gets that Oscar.

I have no photos of Covent Garden or Colin Firth, but I do have some of the deep frost on my garden this morning – the result of a clear night with a breathtaking full moon.

Frost on holly

Lavender and box

Frosted heathers and box


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