Gathering speed …

Staggered through three services on my own on Sunday (my vicar went off for a short break) being plied with throat tablets, water and kaleidoscopically different advice from concerned parishioners.  (‘Have you tried this cough medicine? – or that one? – do you take Vitamin C? – or Manuka honey? – or ginger …?’)  Opted out of the Parish Harvest Walk, sadly, since it was a Black cat in gardenbeautiful day for a walk beside the sea, but I got lots of fresh air and sunshine in my garden, instead.  The local wildlife enjoyed it, as well.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’ve sent off my first application for CRB Disclosure forms for the street support volunteers.  I don’t know how long it’ll take for the paper forms to arrive, but with a bit of luck they’ll be overtaken by electronic versions which have been piloted and are about to go live.  I’d far rather complete an electronic form than a paper one and the results should come back quicker, as well.

A local journalist phoned me today but I missed his call.  I suspect the police have tipped him off; we want to get some good publicity before we go onto the streets so that people know what we’re about.  A photoshoot of a large group of volunteers wearing our hi-vis jackets would be good!  Watch this space …


2 responses to “Gathering speed …

  1. You’re welcome to come over whenever you feel like it – it’s warm in there even in the winter, as long as the sun’s shining. It was lovely on Sunday afternoon – I had all the windows and the door open and got lots of fresh air.
    The cold is almost gone …

  2. Coralie

    I love your summer house – I have never seen it before! I will have to come over one sunny afternoon while I am off work to try it out!!


    ( Vicar’s wife)

    ps. sorry to hear about your cold.

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