The joys of fundraising

Saint Homobonus

Back from my holiday, and plunged once again into the delights of trying to get our street support scheme off the ground.  We have enough volunteers; we’ve bought most of the equipment we need; the CRB checks are on the point of being started; but we don’t have enough money to pay the insurance premium for the insurance cover we will need.  At present, we have £120 in the bank and we understand the insurance premium will cost £300 or £400.  So we have a bit of a shortfall, and if we can’t make up the balance we won’t be able to go onto the streets in October, as planned.

Cue applications to local churches, charities, the Council (which has already given us the bulk of our funds) and anyone else we can think of who might be willing to give us some money.  We don’t expect our annual running costs to be more than about £700 and didn’t think we’d have a problem finding that, but promises made earlier in the proceedings seem now to have been forgotten.  Sound familiar…?

Never mind; we are people of faith and we are certain the money will arrive.  We hope it will arrive in October, but if it doesn’t so be it – we will launch whenever it does arrive.  We are not in the business of giving up.

Though I am thinking of sticking a picture of Saint Homobonus somewhere on my pc.

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