One arm of the Urban Trinity

CCTV monitoring station

Street Pastors talk about ‘The Urban Trinity’ – the mutual support between Street Pastors, the Police and the local Council which needs to be nurtured for the scheme to work successfully.

I’ve spent an hour or so this morning at my local police station fraternising with the boys and girls in blue and discussing what our street support volunteers will need from them and how we can help each other.  Police back-up is vital; they can provide us with direct radio contact with the CCTV monitors as well as being present on the streets themselves, as they always are at the weekends.

It was an enjoyable and useful exercise, putting faces to names and meeting the people behind the cameras.  I had no idea how many CCTV cameras there are covering the centre of our town, nor how good the quality of the images is.  We arrived just after a pedal cyclist had made the mistake of trying to overtake a car which simultaneously decided to turn right; mercifully, he wasn’t seriously injured, despite being sent skidding along the surface of the road on his side while his bike was shunted into the opposite pavement, but it was very painful watching the replay.

I think I now have all the information I need to finish off our Handbook; we still have to sort out the CRB checks (who’s going to do them for us?) and get the rest of the equipment in place and then we’ll be ready to go …

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