The Royal Welsh

The Royal Welsh Show

Archers fans will know that David and Pip have been at the Royal Welsh this week, where they won Second Prize with Edana the heifer.  Edana, of course, doesn’t exist, but the Royal Welsh does and I’ve been at Llanelwedd all day today, partly helping on a stand and partly wandering around.

The Royal Welsh is now the largest agricultural event in Europe, and although it’s full of the kind of animals you’d expect to see in an agricultural show, there are lots of other things to see as well.

Meirion Owen and the Quack Pack

For instance, you might come across a sheepdog herding a pack of Indian Runner ducks through a tunnel.  Meirion Owen (who apparently was born where the National Botanic Garden of Wales’s gift shop is now) and his Quack Pack are regular visitors.

European otter

Or you might come across an otter.  They too are regulars, and one of my favourites – though I sometimes have to hunt a bit to find them.

Titan the robot was also there this year – I’m still not quite sure how I feel about him, but the children love him and there was such a crowd around him while he was performing that the only clear view I had of him was when he was being transported from one performing spot to another.  He has blue lights for eyes and he stamps about, singing songs and interacting with his audience, who stand mesmerised by this eight foot dancing robot.

Titan the Robot

The other mechanical highlight of the day was the performance of the Dancing Diggers, which, despite the quagmire that the Main Ring was turned into by yesterday’s torrential rain, managed to stand on their noses and form a huge yellow arch for a couple of other JCBs to drive under.  I never imagined JCBs could be so stately!

The Dancing Diggers

I’ve uploaded a few more photos, which are probably self-explanatory, but they include a donkey, a couple of water buffalo and some other animals which you should be able to identify.

A grand day was had by all!


Water buffalo


Tamworth pig


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