Hung Parliament


All the political pundits seem to be really surprised at the evaporation of the Nick Clegg surge.  Why?  This happens every General Election.  The Lib Dems appear to gain huge ground in the popularity stakes, but when it comes to the crunch voters vote according to their own local considerations, or play safe by voting for one of the two main parties.  Where I am, a vote for the Lib Dems would have been a wasted vote since in this constituency it was a two-horse Lab/Con race and nobody else stood a chance.

Whether or not I think Nick Clegg performed well in the leaders’ debates is totally irrelevant – and my guess is it’s the same for most people other than those who live in Nick Clegg’s own constituency.
Which, of course, is the reason why the Lib Dems are so desperate for electoral reform.

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